State marriage laws gays

state marriage laws gays

The overarching question before the Supreme Court in the four cases that were consolidated before the Sixth Circuit and for purposes of review by the Supreme Court— Obergefell v. Hodges , Tanco v. Haslam , DeBoer v. Snyder , and Bourke v. Beshear —is not whether an exclusively male–female marriage policy is the best, but only whether it is allowed by the . Constitution. [4] In other words, the question is not whether government-recognized same-sex marriage is good or bad policy, but only whether it is required by the . Constitution.

While some Catholic Church leaders opposed the change, Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wrote a commentary in The Irish Times newspaper before the referendum, saying that he would not tell people how to vote and that he had “no wish to stuff my religious views down other people’s throats.” Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny supported the “yes” campaign.

Most other states had enacted constitutional or statutory bans on same-sex marriage, known as "Defense of Marriage" Acts. The following map shows state laws prior to the Supreme Court ruling: